The Sanji Caldera Education Foundation was established in 2013 in order to cater to the lacking educational needs of rural school children in Sri Lanka. Initiated my Mr. Sanji Caldera, the foundation was based solely to provider rural schoolchildren the same or similar facilitate that the urban schoolchildren get.

Due to the prevailing poor economy, especially for the rural community, the school children are unable to get proper tuition (after school classes) to further enhance their education. This is where Sanji Caldera Education Foundation comes in. We will be providing tuition services free of charge at our own little building for all children in the Kataragama area.

Furthermore, what started off as a non profit education foundation has now paved way to expanding to building brand new houses for the needy and financially challenged. Mr. Sanji has taken initiative in building  houses for selected families and have reached out to expats all over Australia and Canada to encourage to donate to do the same. The project has showed promise with many expats showing interest and donating for this virtuous cause. This has enabled these families by not having to worry about a fickle and weak infrastructure of their houses and focus their money and energy more on their children’s education.