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Another year comes to an end with 2019 at its last leg, and it has indeed been a glorious year for Immigration. The prospect of moving to another country while maintaining ties with your homeland has never been so transparent combined with endless opportunities. The immigration program in Canada has had an immensely successful year with Justin Trudeau being re-elected as Prime Minister and the appointment of a new Minister of Immigration- Marco Mendicino- born to immigrants himself.

When looking at the statistics, so far over 82,000 ITAs (Invitations to Apply) have been issued as opposed to the 89,000 in 2018 with considerably high CRS scores as compared to any other year. There has been some speculation over this as to why the score has been continuing to be so high, and one of the reasons is the significant growth of Provincial Nominee Programs. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and even Ontario has been generous in inviting candidates to their provinces compared to previous years. Saskatchewan has invited 5,689 candidates since September, Alberta has invited 6,752 candidates through the Express Entry stream, Manitoba issued 7,362 LLAs (Letters of Advice to Apply) and Ontario has invited over 7,350 candidates. But Ontario doesn’t stop there, in a statement issued by Ontario’s Immigration Minister Vic Fidelli, it was stated that by 2022 the province hopes to increase their quotas by over 13,300.

This brings the previously targeted 61,000 new permanent residents to 67,800 by 2020 for the Provncial Nominee Programs, bringing hope to all migrants worldwide.

With all this going on, there is more good news! A new immigration program will be introduced by the government known as the Municipal Nomination Program. This has been especially introduced to attract highly skilled workers to various provincial cities in Canada to help with their economic growth.

Overall, it has been a busy year for Canadian immigration, and by the looks of it, it will get busier. Canada would target 341,000 immigrants in 2020, 350,000 in 2021 and potentially around 360,000 by 2022 by bringing the total to over 1 million new permanent residents overall during the years 2020-2022.

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By- Savindy Soysa

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