The Rise of Canada PNP Programs in 2019

The Canadian immigration program introduced by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) in 2015 has kicked off to a momentous start in 2019 and is highlighted more so with the prominence given to provincial nominee programs this year. Since the start of the year, provinces such as Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, and especially Alberta has either opened or made changes in their provincial nominee programs.


Saskatchewan province introduced a new job demand list which includes professions in fields such as Computer Programming and Architecture- among many others. The latest draw was held on the 16th of August with 150 candidates being invited to apply.


Ontario released a news statement stating that a whopping 6,900 economic immigration candidates will be accepted into the province in 2019, with the most recent draw inviting 997 candidates in the Managerial and Financial occupation on the 15th of Ontario. Ontario stated at the beginning of the year that IT/Software related occupations are given priority in their province, including Software Engineers, Computer Engineers, Web Developers, and even IT managers.

Prince Edward Island-

143 invites were sent out by PEI on the 15th of August for the EOI candidates in the Express Entry, Labor Impact and Business programs of its PNP program. Out of this, 133 were given to Express Entry and Labour Impact candidates.


By opening up multiple times within the year, the latest intake was 319 when Notifications of Interests were sent out by Alberta. In addition to this, 354 Express Entry candidates were also sent invitations. Alberta has given prominence to applicants with a family member/relative already living in the province.

This is a pattern which has been apparent in this year with considerable prominence given to provincial programs, unlike in previous years. However, unlike in the Express Entry Application System, provincial programs are known for their processing time duration being too long and the process itself being time-consuming. Therefore, it is recommended to candidates who are unable to stack points in the Express Entry system. That being said, it is important to note that with the rise of provincial programs it may be favorable for the candidates with low scores to apply in Express Entry as well as candidates with direct ties with that particular province hence paving the way to a more flexible immigration system. Apply today, and live a life filled with promise in Canada!