“ First of all, I would like to thank you Mr Sanji and Mr Angelo and team for all the support.


In fact, we wanted to apply for employer sponsorship visa(482/186) and Mr. Sanji Caldera guided us to achieve it through a magical path. The knowledge and information he shared with us at the very first meeting gave us the positive impression that he’s definitely going to do this for us.

Honestly Mr. Sanji reacted at the right time. We truly believe the quality of their work  always comes with his extraordinary experience.

Mr. Sanji Caldera and his team put a tremendous effort to make our dream comes true  using their experience to cope with all the difficulties that came through.

Furthermore , Mr. Sanji has such a wonderful skilled team who are very friendly and reachable anytime we need them. Mr Angelo Norton  did a great job for us to achieve this.

Mr Angelo and Mr. Sanji were always there for us whenever we wanted to talk.

We would highly recommend Sanji Caldera Associates for anyone who is seeking guidance on their migration pathway and specially whoever seeking professional advice on employer nomination visa.

Thank you so much once again for helping us to achieve this goal in our lives. “