We were recommended to Sanji Caldera when looking at migration options. He gave us a lot of confidence from our first meeting onward and we knew from that initial discussion that we had found the right fit for our family.

He along with his team guided us through the lengthy and sometimes confusing process, advising and adapting as each step of the way was passed. Other agents we had initially spoken with were not clear with what steps were available for an Architect when it came to a Skilled Migration. Sanji and his team found all relevant information and made clear what steps should be followed. Special mention must be made of Jesse Wijayasinghe who was handling our application in Sri Lanka. He was always available and gave freely of his time and energy, putting us at ease whenever we contacted him.

The time of our application saw many changes to regulations in migration to Australia but Sanji and his team would always find a way to navigate these obstacles and see us through. They were a source of strength in a challenging time and continue to offer us advice and guidance even after we have settled in our new home.

We appreciate all they did for us as we start on a new chapter of our lives. We would definitely recommend their services to anyone who wants a professional and sincere migration consultant.

Thank you

Ishika and Devaka