Recently Mr.Sanji and his team once again proved how professional and efficient they are. Also, it’s not wrong to say that they are a good human being specially in this field where people approach migration consultants when they are in difficult situations and want to spend what it takes.

But Mr. Sanji did amazing to us as my mother was on visit visa when she is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I was in an intense situation where I am taking care of my mother’s treatment as well as my 2 children. I am a single mother. Already spent thousands of dollars on medical treatment.

When my mother’s visa about to expire went to a couple of migration agents who were telling me about the cost between $2500 to $4000 for extension of visa. Where Mr.Sanji and his team charged me $0 yes that’s correct $0!! Not a single CENT! They even paid Immigration fees too!!!

just considered my situation and helped me. I can’t tell in words how thankful I am.

I highly recommend them and trust them fully for any kind of migration advice and case . Very reasonable and they know their job very well.

Best wishes