First of all, we are absolutely lucky to meet Mr. Sanji Caldera and his team to find the correct path which suits us. On the very first meeting we had with Mr. Sanji gave us the confidence that we will be able to achieve what we are looking for.

We went through a number of migration agents who directly refused to accept our case. In fact, we wanted to apply for 186 visa which is the employer nomination visa and nobody except Mr. Sanji Caldera accepted our case. The knowledge he shared with us at the first meeting gave us the positive impression that he’s definitely going to do this for us, as it was compared with the knowledge other migration agents shared with us. 

Mr. Sanji acts at the right time. We believe it always comes with his extraordinary expertise. 

Since this is an employer nomination visa, which has a third party involvement which also played the main role in this journey, Mr. Sanji Caldera and his team put a lot of effort into it using their experience to cope with all the difficulties that came through. 

Moreover, Mr. Sanji has such a skilled team where we can define them as a family. Ms Nimmi and Ms. Kaveri did a great job for us to achieve this. We would also like to specially thank Ms. Kaveri who tolerated us a lot. Also as we all know this journey is so painful, Ms. Kaveri and Mr. Sanji were always there with us whenever we wanted to talk. All in all, they are such kind souls who were with us throughout this journey professionally as well as humanly. 

We would highly recommend Sanji Caldera Associates for anyone who is seeking guidance on their migration pathway and specially whoever seeking advice on employer nomination visa (186 subclass). We really appreciate their hard work on our application and the friendliness and professionalism they maintain throughout the period. Lastly, we would also like to state that the Sanji Caldera migration team knows what they are doing, we just have to keep faith in them and believe in our luck. 

Thank you so much once again for helping us to achieve this goal in our lives. 

Devinda and Piumie