I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction with the excellent service provided by Sanji Caldera Associates in handling the Visitor Visa 600 extension onshore for myself and my wife. At the initial stage, Lawyer Sanji Caldera discussed my case with me over the phone, thoroughly explaining everything before proceeding. This initial consultation significantly increased my confidence in their services.


Throughout the process, everything was carried out as per our agreement, particularly in terms of time allocation and timely actions when required. I consistently received acknowledgment emails for all my correspondence within one day, which was very reassuring.


Sanji Caldera Associates provided necessary advice promptly, and all application forms and other documentation were meticulously reviewed and shared with me for any corrections. This attention to detail made the process much easier for me. I believe the money paid for their services was highly justifiable given the quality of service received.


I have applied for visa extension on arrival to Sydney 29th Feb l 2024 and I have received my one year extension on 15th May while We are  on  Bridging visa.


I was so impressed with their professionalism and efficiency that I chose Sanji Caldera Associates to handle my Contributory Parent Visa Subcategory 143 application in April 2022 as well.


I highly recommend Sanji Caldera as a very professional and competent immigration lawyer operating in both Sydney and Sri Lanka.


Special Recognition

I would like to give special recognition to Ms. Stephanie, who was assigned to take action on my visa matter. Her dedication and prompt responses were instrumental in the successful handling of my case.



D W Rohana