Horticulture Industry Labour Agreement

The new Horticulture Industry Labour Agreement was introduced in December 2019 and was put into effect from 1st January 2020. This agreement can be used by Australian employers to fill the labour shortages in the country by hiring overseas workers due to the shortage of qualified and skilled Australian citizens. The following streams are applicable to this program.

  • Employers can sponsor qualified overseas workers under the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) (Subclass 482)
  • Sponsor overseas employees for PR under the following pathways:
  1. The Skilled Employer Sponsorship Regional (SESR) (Subclass 494) visa program will build a path to PR (Skilled Regional) visa (Subclass 191) available after 3 years.


  1. Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) (subclass 186) visa program: This program comes into effect after a three- or four-year transitional period on a TSS visa (three years for approved Skill Level 1-3 occupations and four years for approved Skill Level 4-5 occupations)

Language requirement:

  • For the TSS visa, foreign workers must score an overall 5.0 IELTS band, with minimum 4 each in each score.
  • For the ENS and SESR visas, foreign workers must score at least 5.0 IELTS band overall, with a minimum of 4.5 in each band.

Age requirement:

  • Workers can be up to 50 years of age when applying for this visa. These are just some of the proposed changes for this new program.

The advantages of applying under this stream are mainly the concessions it provides towards age and language requirement. These are just some of the proposed changes for this new program. The complete list of occupations eligible under this new stream are stated below:

Horticulture Industry Labour Agreement terms and concessions

Approved occupation ANZSCO Code or nearest equivalent ANZSCO Skill Level   English Concession Permanent Pathway
Irrigation Designer/ Manager 234111* 1   Yes Yes
Agronomist 234112 1   Yes Yes
Entomologist 234518* 1   Yes Yes
Horticulture Grower 070499* 1   Yes Yes
Protected Cropping Grower 070499* 1   Yes Yes
Horticulture Research &
Development Officer
132511* 1   Yes Yes
Mechanical Engineer 233512 1   Yes Yes
Horticulture Farm Manager 070499* 1   Yes Yes
Quality Assurance Manager 139914 1   Yes Yes
Biosecurity Officer 311399* 2   Yes Yes
Facility Plant Manager 149913* 2   Yes Yes
Facility Supervisor 070499* 2   Yes Yes
Maintenance Electrician 341111* 3   Yes Yes
Fitter and Welder 323213 3   Yes Yes
Agriculture Technician 321212* 3   Yes Yes
Mechanic 321211* 3   Yes Yes
Senior Nurseryperson 362411 3   Yes Yes
Nurseryperson 362411 3   Yes Yes
Nursery Supervisor 362411 3   Yes Yes
Truck Driver 733111 4   Yes Yes
Mobile Plant Operator 721111 4   Yes Yes
Fork Lift Driver 721311 4   Yes Yes
Irrigationist 841999 5   Yes Yes
Irrigationist Assistant 841999 5   Yes Yes
Horticulture Section
070499* 5   Yes Yes
Section Supervisor 070499* 4   Yes Yes
Production Horticulture
070499* 4   Yes Yes
Production Horticulturist 070499* 3   Yes Yes
Machinery Manager 149913 or 149999* 4   Yes Yes
Machinery Supervisor 149999* 4   Yes Yes
Cold Storage Manager 149999* 3   Yes Yes


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