Australian Government not only taking care of their Permanent residents and Citizens but also the international students during the COVID_19 pandemic.

As per the Minister’s announcement last week, the student visa holders applying for an extension are exempted from the visa application charge(VAC). Thus, many students wanted more information on how we can apply for the exemption, does it apply to them and so on.

Thus, below we have answered some of the common questions received from our clients:

  • Does the student VAC apply to me?

If you were the student visa holder on or after 1st Feb 2020 and you were unable to complete the course due to COVID – 19, yes you will be eligible to apply for the student visa extension without any application charge.


  • What details does the Department need to apply for this exemption?

With the student visa application, we need to provide additional details and proof on how you were affected, the reasons why you couldn’t complete the course as per the previous COE (Confirmation of Enrolment)


  • If I include my family members in my application, will they be exempted as well?

Yes, if you make a combined application, even they are eligible for Nil application charge.


If you are interested to know more details on your eligibility, please feel free to send us your details to enquiries@sanjicaldera.com