“Established entrepreneurs across the Arabian Gulf now have the opportunity to invest in business in Australia leading to permanent residency and citizenship thereafter.” – Mr. Sanji Caldera (Director/ Principal Migration Consultant – Sanji Caldera Associates Pvt Ltd)

Sanji Caldera Associates Pvt Ltd (SCA) is a multi-national immigration consultancy firm that specialises in Australian migration. Our head office is based in Melbourne, Australia with branch offices strategically placed in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Dubai, UAE. The organization also has representation in India as well as a joint venture with a partner company in London, UK. SCA holds a solid market place in Southern Asia and across the Arabian Gulf where the majority of our customer base is located.

We have built a reputation within the industry as an organisation that provides professional services in the most efficient and effective manner. This is mainly attributed to our business model which is exceedingly customer focused that values ethical and moral practice above all. We have always been highly committed to providing an outstanding service that will achieve the most successful desired outcomes for our clients.

SCA constitutes a variety of expertise on Australian business visa’s. We specialise in advising prevalent businessmen who are interested in establishing business ventures in Australia which will eventually lead to permanent residency and Australian citizenship.

Our team comprises of specialized migration consultants who have had extensive dealings with such businessmen in the past. Not to mention, our principal migration consultant Mr. Sanji Caldera is also a FCMA rank CPA Chartered Accountant. A considerable portion of the business visa process requires accounting expertise and this is one of the main reasons why Sanji is a highly sought-after consultant for business visa’s, due to the fact that he possesses a skillset combination in both immigration law and accounting.

According to research, Businessmen across the Middle-East who derive from all parts of the world including Asia and Europe, are considered to be the most lucrative markets in terms of Australian Business Migration.

To meet the minimum requirements, Businessmen need only to be able to show a business portfolio proving they have had ownership interest in an established business or businesses that have been able to turn over the equivalent of AUD $500,000 consistently in the past two years and also possess AUD $800,000 in assets.

We sincerely hope that you will consider giving us the opportunity to advise you when you are ready to make the move to Australia and establish yourself as a successful businessman in your new home country.

For a Free Assessment of your eligibility, Please E-mail the following documents:

  1. Company Profile/s
  2. Resume
  3. Business Activity Statements (Profit & Loss)

E-mail address: info@sanjicaldera.com or keith@sanjicaldera.com

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