You can now achieve your goal of becoming a qualified professional from a prestigious Australian university with worldwide recognition. Obtaining a Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D or a Trade qualification has become easier and more accessible. The application process for student visas has been streamlined and simplified. The Department of Immigration refers to this as the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF).

The Simplified Student Visa Framework makes the application process for low risk students a lot more straightforward. The following changes will be highly beneficial:

  • Simplified visa arrangements making the process easier to understand
  • Less documentation required for low risk students

Sri Lanka is now an assessment level 1 country and considered Low Risk, applying for a student visa has never been easier.

Risk Level:

Risk level depends on the risk level of the country of passport and the education provider. If your provider and or passport level are considered low risk, then it will be possible to lodge your student visa application with minimal restrictions.

For education providers, there is a huge advantage in maintaining a low risk rating under the new system. The elimination of current student visa subclasses and the introduction of the new subclass 500 (Student Visa) means less restrictions on English and financial requirements for prospective students. This change has made it more accessible for genuine students who would have otherwise not qualified under the previous regulations.

English Requirement:

Prospective students are required to complete IELTS before applying for a student visa. The required score is determined by the study program the student will be applying for.


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